Arrow Digital installs superfast large format Massivit 3D Printer

Arrow Digital installs Massivit 1500, the largest, fastest and most advanced large format 3D printing solution for visual communications, based on Massivit proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technology that enables instant solidification and high-speed printing. This is a solution that will ignite the market in visual communications with large 3D objects, through a variety of markets worldwide. Massivit 3D is the next revolution in advertising after digital printing. Massivit 3D has become an eye catching product at our Democenter and is attracting all the customers who are visiting us. In India, 3D Technology has never been so huge and creative. We are sure this will bring a revolution and will raise the standards of Marketing.

The Massivit 1500 is a super-fast large format 3D printer, which is set to transform the way high-level marketing, advertising and themed projects are created. With output speeds incomparable to anything else in the 3D printing industry, the Massivit 1500 printer can produce high quality 3D pieces up to 54” high. Massivit has another Model Available which is Massivit 1800, which can produce high quality 3D piece up to 70”. Print providers seeking to dramatically extend their product portfolio beyond 2D printing, now have the access to a profitable new and unique application capability, and an important business differentiator to enhance their competitive edge and secure their future.  Massivit 3D offers a portfolio of large format 3D printers that leverage patented, high-speed additive manufacturing technology to serve multiple industries including visual communications, entertainment, events and exhibitions, interior design, and concept prototyping.

The Massivit 1500 printer also utilises techniques that allow it to print non-vertical walls and ceilings, without the need to produce a solid object or intensive support structure. So in printing less to achieve the same result, the Massivit 1500 is able to dramatically increase print speed, while also reducing material costs and product weight – crucial for additional materials handling, transportation and storage benefits.

The Massivit 3D Discovers new revenue & Opportunities that integrate seamlessly with your current large-format printing capabilities. You can start offering your current customers the benefit of super-size, 3D displays with the Massivit 1500 solution. Your customers will love you for it, as large objects and selfie points are simply a better way for them to capture attention and make their marketing more impactful and also meet tight deadlines and win tenders with next day turn-around – even for complex projects.

Mr. Sam Patel adds, The Massivit 3D printed elements will turn any booth, event or show lively and will do pops up, engage and entertain viewers. Enjoy the freedom to create complex forms, and hollow and internally illuminated objects. Start personalizing and localizing objects. Make accurate copies while still enabling variations and much more. You can even use the 3D printed objects as your master for mould-making for thermoforming or for use as a mould. Massivit is truly an ultimate solution for all your 3D needs.

Add a little 3D in your next campaign or in your retail stores to bring more traffic to your brands; see the printer in action or create samples for your next project.

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