India’s first additive manufacturing industry report launched

The India AM Report has been conceptualised to provide a credible reference point for the manufacturing industry and international companies, looking to invest in the Indian additive manufacturing landscape. This 1st edition of the India AM Report maps the growing Indian additive manufacturing industry.

The India AM Report 2019 is based on in-depth understanding of the Indian AM industry and comprehensive market research by Indian 3D Printing Network. This included primary research – detailed interviews with 35+ industry experts selected from the Additive Manufacturing supply chain and end consumers. This was supported by intensive secondary research, which included referring to trade publications and literature, company details, statistics and academic publications. Market forecasts were developed from the primary and secondary research. This was combined with I3DPn’s existing insight and database of market information on Additive Manufacturing Industry to produce a first of its kind report in India. You can view table of contents here

This report takes you through the historical journey of AM in India and Globally. It also provides you the State of the AM Industry in India, ASEAN and Globally with current scenarios, industries adopting it, on ground numbers and future forecasts. The Global and ASEAN sections see contributions form Wohlers Associates and ThyssenKrupp to provide a high quality perspective.

For the uninitiated, the India AM Report also includes sections on Technology Review, Process Flow and Applications allowing them to come upto speed with this revolutionary technology.

1995 marked the first investment into AM by the Indian industry. Almost 25 years have passed since and Indian industry has made advances including:

  • Acceptance by Jewellery and Automotive industries for mould making & prototyping respectively.
  • Increased Metal AM installations entering diverse applications like Aerospace, Space, Defence and Tooling
  • Medical AM and Bio-printing companies
  • A thriving startup ecosystem addressing various needs including software, digital manufacturing and system development.
  • Ongoing projects at Academic & Research Institutes and Educational Curriculum.
  • Many others, which have been captured in this report.

India is today only touching the tip of the Iceberg in adoption of this technology, however with the ingenuity of Indian industry and existing/upcoming government policies an exponential growth in this space is just around the corner.

We have put in our best efforts to honestly represent the Indian AM industry through this report and we are sure that this will become one of the benchmarks in the industry and become an important tool for the industry to take informed business decisions.

For an in-depth analysis of the Indian Additive Market you can order a copy of the India AM Report by contacting Indian 3D Printing Network on 022-24306319 or You can also order a copy on