Hamilton Labs and Laticrete Look to the Future with Concrete 3D Printing

Laticrete, a manufacturer of construction materials, having developed several 3D printing mortars for projects globally, have localized the material for Hamilton Labs’ project in India. On- site calibration and laboratory testing utilizing local Indian raw materials has created a tailored solution to solve the toilet crisis. Laticrete continues to develop 3D printable mortars globally, including housing projects in Dubai and structural weight optimized pavilions in the USA.”

“We (Laticrete) believe that 3D printing is the gateway to the digitalization of construction and with 65 years of construction chemistry experience in the industry, our goal is to bring our collective knowledge of materials and ambient challenges into this new disruptive space” – Matthew Carli, director of innovation and strategic planning.

“Our company’s collaboration with Hamilton Labs and the production of a 3D printable mortar customized for Hamilton Labs endeavors in India is part of an ongoing innovation effort in both 3D printing and the digital transformation of construction. LATICRETE has been a trendsetting leader in the industry for more than six decades and is now using its knowledge of cement chemistry to build the future of the construction industry,” said LATICRETE Director of Innovation and Strategic Planning Matthew Carli. “We are happy to support Hamilton Labs in their endeavors in India and anticipate that our work is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“With the collaboration with Laticrete in India, our efforts will greatly be enhanced.”, Hamilton Labs’ Willy Ng added. “A critical component in the 3D printing of the toilets is materials, materials, materials. Materials must be customized such that it can perform the properties needed in concrete 3D printing. More importantly, pricing is the paramount consideration for Hamilton Labs’ intents and purposes. With 4 manufacturing facilities and an advanced R&D center in India, MYK Laticrete, the challenges Hamilton Holdings face daily are greatly mitigated.”.