Shree Rapid Technologies to launch new material for 3D Systems’ Figure 4® at Amtech 2019

Figure 4® is Productive and cost-effective digital molding solutions for production environments which assures Six Sigma quality and repeatability. The modular approach to precise parts manufacturing, which is made possible by Figure 4® technology, a 30-year-old stereolithography (SLA) configuration.

Automated Post Processing which has Industry 4.0 practices and standards and is Massively scalable and can operate within automated production line. There are three variants available to match production requirements Figure 4 Production which is industry’s first customizable, fully-integrated factory solution for direct 3D production, Figure 4 Modular for Scalable, semi-automated 3D manufacturing solution designed to grow with your prototyping and production needs and Figure 4 Standalone for Ultra-fast and affordable industrial 3D printer for rapid, same-day prototyping and low-volume production.

The material portfolio for 3D Systems’ Figure 4® technology offers a diverse range of characteristics developed to address a breadth of prototyping, production, and application-specific use cases.

New materials for direct digital production include Figure 4™ PRO-BLK 10, Figure 4™ HI-TEMP 300-AMB, Figure 4™ MEDWHT 10 and Figure 4™ MED-AMB 10 Figure 4™ EGGSHELL-AMB 10.

Unlike other photopolymer 3D printing, Figure 4® is capable of manufacturing parts in hybrid materials (multi-mode polymerization) that offer toughness, durability, biocompatibility, high-temperature deflection, and even elastomeric properties. This opens the door to new end-use applications in the fields of durable goods, automotive, aerospace, healthcare and beyond.

The materials can be used for the direct digital production of parts as a replacement or bridge to conventional production.

We would be delighted to have you on our Booth no A2 at AMTech 2019 and explore the opportunity of how new material of Figure 4 can be a Digital Alterative to injection Molding